All Shall Perish – This Is Where It Ends

When I had first heard that All Shall Perish was going to be releasing a brand new album this year, I was incredibly excited to say the very least. I have been listening to this band ever since my friend Matt had introduced me to their album “The Price of Existence”. With such a powerful album, I had to go and get their other production “Hate, Malice, Revenge”. “Awaken the Dreamers” was released 3 years ago, and I have been patiently waiting for this bands’ next masterpiece. I now understand why patience is a virtue.


Hernan, Ben, Mike, Adam, and Francesco have proved to the world that All Shall Perish are one of the leading bands in metal today. Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, All Shall Perish was destined to make a footprint in the metal world since their inception as a band. From their first demo to tons of DIY touring in their early years, the band has slowly but surely seeped into the headphones of many metal heads globally.


All Shall Perish have such an incredible talent for being able to combine shredding, breakdowns, melodic phrases, brutal vocals, and fast paced drumming consistently within ”This is Where it Ends”. The chemistry that they share to create such masterpieces like “Divine Illusion”, “Procession of Ashes”, “A Pure Evil”, and “The Past Will Haunt Us Both” is truly beyond words. Those tracks were the ones that really had stood out to me the most on the album. Every single song on ”This is Where it Ends” deserves a listen, since it was incredibly difficult for me to pick my top favorite tunes. The lyrics are also what makes All Shall Perish who they are. With combinations of political stigmas, as well as the use of dark and dismal lyrics, the unique song structures are catering to a wide variety of metal fans.


The guitar and bass work on “This is Where it Ends” are at an all time high for All Shall Perish. The guitars definitely compliment the bass, and vice versa. The solos were dominant across the chugging guitars, and the riffs were constructed very well with the structure of each song. Having Adam take over the reigns with drumming was quite a gamble for the band, but the pay-off was more than anyone could imagine. From listening to the first :12 seconds of ”This is Where it Ends”, I already knew that the drums were going to be a great icing to the cake. Vocals were very much to my liking. Hernan had done an incredible job with his duty as a vocalist. I am sure that many up and coming metal vocalists could say that he is a great source of inspiration.


“This is Where it Ends” is definitely an album that has a great replay value. If this is not in your collection yet, it is in your best interest for you to acquire this production. It is a leap forward for the metalcore/deathcore genre, and All Shall Perish is raising the bar to a whole new level. With such phenomenal work from these musicians, this is my first ever 10/10 rating. Everything about ”This is Where it Ends” had gone above and beyond what I was expecting. It will more than likely be spinning on repeat in my iTunes for a very long time. I eagerly await what comes next from these California metal heads, and hope that this truly is not where it ends for them.

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