Chelsea Grin – My Damnation

I understand that this album review is a little belated, but I feel that Chelsea Grin is one of the most recognized “deathcore” bands of our generation. They had made their presence with an impact locally and nationally after the release of their first self-titled E.P., and continued to blow out consumers’ speakers with their second album “Desolation of Eden”. Their most recent production is entitled “My Damnation” which was released on July 19, 2011.

“My Damnation” starts off with the very typical “deathcore” style of vocals, with heavy guitars and blasting drums following suit. After listening to the intro song “The Foolish One”, I was quite excited to listen to the rest of the album. This was one of the best tunes on the CD, unfortunately. Vocals didn’t have much of an impact with the rest of the songs. As the listener, the instruments had to battle with the vocals to get my attention. The songs that had really stuck out to me were “The Foolish One”, “Kharon”, “My Damnation”, and “All Hail the Fallen King”. The transition from “Kharon” to “My Damnation” was a curve ball that I had not predicted to see Chelsea Grin throw. It showcased a different side of the band, which I enjoyed hearing. Guest vocals were also a great touch to the album. I have no complaints about them. Phil Bozeman and Nate Johnson added a bit more flavor to their respective songs.

After researching the band a little bit more, I haven’t come across much evidence that Chelsea Grin was very open about their faith. Some of their lyrics make it seem as if they are another Christian band, but they have yet to release a statement in that regard.

I can’t help but laugh when bands now a days are modifying their voices for a phrase or two to make it sound as if they are asking a question. A great example could be found at around the 3:20 mark in “My Damnation”. Chelsea Grin is not the only band that is doing this, and I just ponder at why that is starting to get popular with bands..

“My Damnation” is a solid album, but unfortunately that is about it. Just solid.It didn’t really push the genre in any other direction than where it already is. This album is getting to get a 7/10 from me. There could have been more variety in the songs, and majority of them are easily forgettable. I am sure that fans will enjoy this album for what it is worth to them, but I feel as if this may be deleted after a couple of months off of my phone because there is something more worthy of being on my sd card. Hopefully their next release won’t follow them to the depths of damnation.

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