Dysphoria – To the Perfect Form of Modern Species

Hailing from Ukraine, Dysphoria is dead set on proving to the metal community that they are a force to be reckoned with. After their debut full-length album (“Satyriasis XXI”) was released in 2010, the quartet had quickly started to gain notoriety locally and even made waves internationally. Dysphoria continued to experiment with their destructive breakdowns and epileptic riffs which eventually led to the unleashing of their latest production, “To The Perfect Form of Modern Species”. The full length was released on September 13th. To say that their latest work is an improvement would be an understatement. ”To The Perfect Form of Modern Species” is a madhouse filled with psychotic vocals, killer drums, and murderous mathcore segments.

Dysphoria’s roots lie within a barrage of destructive deathcore and mathcore passages. Every song on ”To The Perfect Form of Modern Species” has an in your face  approach that is guaranteed to ring in your ears for days to come. The overall sound of the album is unlike a typical deathcore record. Breakdowns are not generic chugging chords, but a hodgepodge of intricate and blisteringly fast mix of shred over the half time feel. Dysphoria’s vocal style is almost like a mixture if Beneath The Massacre’s Elliot Desgagnes’ gutturals were mixed with Every Time I Die’s Keith Buckley’s vocals. I didn’t think there was too much of vocal contrast throughout the album. It was pretty much either gutturals or piercing highs. If there was some combination of the two used in the album some more, I think it could have made the production sound that much more heavier.

In regards to musicianship, Dysphoria blows many deathcore bands out of the water. The sludgy breakdowns just ooze into your ear canals and mess around with what you thought a breakdown sounded like. The guitar work was nothing short of sheer aggressiveness and the technicality of the drums complimented Dysphoria’s diction.

“Generic” or “Boring” would not be acceptable adjectives to label their music. Bands that are similar to Dysphoria would be Beneath The Massacre, Man Must Die, and Aborted. Though these bands are not deathcore per se, they all exhibit the heavy and powerful emotion that Dysphoria portrays through their tunes. At times I did feel as if some of the songs kind of blended together, almost sounding the same. Songs off of ”To The Perfect Form of Modern Species” that I kept putting on repeat were ‘To The Perfect Form of Modern Species’, ‘War Precursor’, and ‘Such A Beautiful Failure’.

Dysphoria managed to concoct a lethal blend of their metal and will force feed it down the throats of those who dare to stand in their way. Currently an unsigned band, Dysphoria will without a doubt be making tsunami sized waves in the metal community soon. ”To The Perfect Form of Modern Species” obtained a rating of 8/10. There is without a doubt that any fan of the metal genre will find themselves headbanging to this record. After all, the very definition of dysphoria is a state of dissatisfaction, anxiety, restlessness, or fidgeting.


You can purchase Dysphoria’s ”To The Perfect Form of Modern Species” via iTunes and Amazon. The full album can also be streamed via Spotify.

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