Impending Doom – Baptized In Filth

Impending Doom is a Christian metal band from the town of Riverside, California. They have been on the metal scene for almost a decade now (seven years to be exact). The lyrics and themes in all of their music is heavily influenced by their religion, which is incredibly dominant in Impending Doom’s latest production “Baptized In Filth”, their fourth studio album. I had really enjoyed their preceding album “There Will Be Violence”. It was one of the few deathcore albums that I had on repeat constantly for a long time after purchasing it on a whim from a local record store. When I had heard that Impending Doom was going to be releasing another album, I was nothing shy of excited.

“Baptized In Filth” consists of ten songs that total a little over thirty four minutes. The production starts off with the track “Murderer”. As soon as the thirty second mark had hit, I had developed a smirk of bliss. The recurring lyrics, “I am a murderer”, have been replaying in my head all day. The very definition of deathcore heaviness can be portrayed in “Murderer”. It had easily stuck out to me as a song to put in a workout playlist.

Unfortunately, I was struggling to find those other “memorable” songs on “Baptized In Filth”. Don’t get me wrong, this album is jam packed with slamming breakdowns and moments to headbang (check out “Chaos: Reborn” for a very heavy breakdown near the end). This was the same concern I had while listening to “There Will Be Violence”. Most of the album was easily forgotten, while only a few songs had gained my attention. “Baptized In Filth” had about three good tunes while the rest of the songs felt as if they were “filler” so to speak. Other songs that I had enjoyed were “Angry Letters to God” and “Baptized In Filth”.

Andreas Lars Magnusson was the producer for “Baptized In Filth”. Their previous two albums were produced by Tim Lambesis, who is the vocalist for As I Lay Dying. I found it interesting that Lambesis was not a part of this album. With Tim being a devout Catholic like the rest of Impending Doom, the chemistry between them could not be more perfect. There must be a good reason as to why he passed or let Andreas take the reigns with “Baptized In Filth”. The album did turn out to be a success production-wise. The mix had incorporated a nice balance of guitars, bass, drums, and vocals. There was not an overpowering of any particular instrument which made “Baptized In Filth” easy to listen to. Impending Doom had created a deathcore album worth talking about for now, but not enough to remember a few years in the future.

When a song has the word “instrumental” attached to it, one would usually expect that vocals would not be present. The penultimate tune “My Light Unseen” is marked as instrumental, yet features guest vocals from Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter. If this wasn’t confusing enough, the vocals were clean and restricted any sort of screaming. Impending Doom has finally incorporated cleans into their music. The vocals did not add much to the song even though it should have just been an instrumental. If Impending Doom was going for more of an experiment approach to see if they could get away with this in “Baptized In Filth” or future productions, my recommendation would be to just get rid of that idea. Of course bands need to be able to evolve and tap into their full potential, but in Impending Doom’s case they are known for their aggressive and heavy music with no cleans attached. The final song entitled “Death. Ascension. Resurrection.” immediately reminded me of their first full length “Nailed. Dead. Risen.”. Both of the titles are obviously accrediting to Impending Doom’s very strong religious messages portrayed in their music.

Overall, “Baptized In Filth” is an album that would be enjoyed by many deathcore fans. It contains all the factors that would make any Impending Doom fan ecstatic. “Baptized In Filth” has earned a rating of 7/10. It will be an album that will definitely be spinning until something else really takes away the limelight. Maybe instead of being baptized in filth, the next album should consider being confirmed with benevolence.


Baptized In Filth was released on March 13, 2012 through eOne Music.


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