Kreator – Phantom Antichrist

Happy Anniversary Kreator. It is quite a feat to be a band for 30 years (Kreator was incepted in 1982), but an even bigger one to consistently pump out quality albums (take notes Metallica). Kreator is one of the biggest names in the thrash metal genre, hailing overseas from Germany. For three decades, Kreator has unleashed some of the greatest metal albums including the infamous Pleasure To Kill. Their latest production, entitled Phantom Antichrist, still manages to capture true raw thrash in its purest form. Kreator managed to blend modern musical influences with their signature sound and style to create one hell of an album.

Phantom Antichrist starts off with an introduction track “Mars Mantra”. It gradually takes the listener from a very subtle state of mind and leads them into the first tune on the album, also called “Phantom Antichrist”. The blistering song delivers annihilating riffs, pummelling drums, killer vocals, and of course, raging solos. Much of album can be summed up with those exact words. Each song off of Phantom Antichrist is unique in their own way. There are tunes like “Phantom Antichrist”, “Victory Will Come”, and “Death To the World” that are more loyal to the thrash element where songs like “From Flood Into Fire”, “Your Heaven, My Hell”, and “Until Our Paths Cross Again” bring out more of the melodic side of their writing.

Kreator is heavily influenced from many thrash bands. Sodom (also from Germany) and Venom are the most recognized in Kreator’s writing. All of the songs written on Phantom Antichrist demonstrate that Kreator is still thriving in the metal community and take their musicianship seriously. The overall mix of the album was fantastic as well. Every element of the production sounded crisp, clean, and professional. My personal favorite songs off of Phantom Antichrist are “Phantom Antichrist” and “United In Hate”. In my opinion, they are the most catchy and were replayed the most.

If you are a fan of thrash metal, then you will enjoy this album. Even metal heads who aren’t particularly fond of thrash will find something to enjoy in Phantom Antichrist. It earns a respectable 8.5/10. Phantom Antichrist is not an album that is seeking to break the boundaries of thrash. Kreator proved that after even 30 years, their passion for metal is just as strong as it was in the 80′s.


Phantom Antichrist is scheduled to be released on June 1st (Europe) and 5th (North America) via Nuclear Blast Records.

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