Motivated By Silence – Taking the Breath of Giants

Motivated By Silence is another YMB, (Young Metal Band), that had submitted their E.P. “Taking the Breath of Giants” to RMR for a review. The band name was already a dead giveaway that they are some sort of metalcore band. Hailing from Florida, Motivated By Silence have been active for about seven years. With the release of their latest E.P. in November of last year, this band proves that metalcore is dominant and well alive in the metal scene.

“Taking the Breath of Giants” starts off with the introductory track “Adversary” that only lasts a little bit over thirty seconds. It gives the listener an aura of what is about to come in the E.P. The mysterious and esoteric aspect of the track is transitioned by their second song “Ocean’s End”. This song had some clean vocals scattered throughout, which had added a fantastic element to the tune. The rest of ”Taking the Breath of Giants” had no more clean vocals at all. I am not sure if Motivated By Silence was trying to experiment with this vocal style since they never showed up again. The rest of the E.P.s vocals sounded  phenomenal. It reminded me a lot of the older Killswitch Engage fused with The Browning. I absolutely loved how warm and full the guitars sounded. The melodic riffs, chugging, and occasional solos had surpassed all of my expectations. The solos near the end of “Plagues Within” had me banging my head the whole time.  The drums had done a phenomenal job as well. Al’s style had a wide range from moving blast beats to heavy breakdown patterns. The final song “Taking the Breath of Giants” was undeniable proof that Motivated By Silence can do more than just play fast metal. The slow and luscious instrumental tune reminded me a lot of As Blood Runs Black’s “Pouring Reign”. I’m not so sure that I would have chosen to have that song be last on the production. The second to last spot would have been a better choice. A few songs that I enjoyed more than others were “Plagues Within”, ”Taking the Breath of Giants”, and “The Dark Flood”.

“Taking the Breath of Giants” had a total time of about twenty six minutes. If you are a fan of bands like As Blood Runs Black, Killswitch Engage, and/or Miss May I then Motivated By Silence is a great band that you should check out. “Taking the Breath of Giants” had scored a 9/10. The production sound was incredible, the musicality was phenomenal, and it has a high replay value. After listening to this E.P. I had found out that I must be a giant, since my breath was taken up until the final second.


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