Rings Of Saturn – Dingir

Rings of Saturn was formed by lead guitarist Lucas Mann, whom resides in the Bay Area of California. When I had heard that this deathcore band was being labeled as “aliencore”, who wouldn’t be interested in giving them a listen?  Ever since I heard Rings Of Saturn‘s debut album in 2010, “Embryonic Anomaly” (released via Unique Leader Records), I have kept an eye on what the band has been up to. Having been on some major tours throughout the USA and Canada, Rings Of Saturn are showing off that they can sound just as tight on stage, as well as in the studio. They definitely are indeed a whole new breed and breath of uniqueness within the metal scene. The only other band that I could really relate to having that sort of “alien” or “spacey” sound were the earlier albums by The Faceless. Both bands share the same passion for technicality, but Rings Of Saturn take home the medal for sticking true to the saying “Shred ’till You’re Dead”. 


When I had heard that the band was going to be releasing a brand new full length entitled “Dingir” (pronounced din-jeer), I was very skeptical as to how it would compare to their debut. Due to legal reasons and a poor quality of “Dingir” being leaked on the internet, Rings Of Saturn decided to give away “Dingir” free of charge in hopes that listeners will purchase the album on February 5th. Having constant lineup changes, it worried me that the group would have trouble finding the same sort of chemistry that made their debut such an instant hit. Upon concluding the very first tune off of “Dingir”, I already knew that Rings Of Saturn was light years ahead of “Embryonic Anomaly”. Every member aboard the mothership had soared past my expectations and created a record that is guaranteed to probed into the minds of minions across various multiverses.

The start of “Dingir” is introduced by the first song entitled ‘Objective To Harvest’ where the mysterious 10 second introduction leads into a slamming riff that takes off like a flying saucer soaring at the speed of light. The rest of “Dingir” can be summarized as a constant high octane ride through the galaxy. There is not a single dull moment in the album. Mann and Omans were able to construct highly technical riffs that were able to keep the listener intrigued and entertained. They were able to keep true to what got fans hooked on the band in the first place. The interludes that are thrown in some songs felt so natural and oozed with creativity. An example would be near the middle of the song ‘Faces Imploding’. Rings Of Saturn do have a soft spot in their extra-terrestrial hearts. The melodic section and solo at the end of ‘Fruitless Existence’ was quite beautiful. It reminded me a whole lot of the song ‘Pouring Reign’ by As Blood Runs Black. Another characteristic that I enjoyed about “Dingir” was that breakdowns weren’t thrown into songs just for the hell of it. Not one song had that slow, grimy feel as some deathcore bands do. Much of the music was “in your face”, which was great at some points in the album and felt a little unnecessary at other times.



The rest of the band had to accompany some of the craziest shredding in this galaxy and were able to pull it off rather well. The backbone of this space beast was drummer Ian Baker. His drumming was nothing short of jaw dropping. Blast beats and breakdown patterns were used constantly throughout the record. Unfortunately, I was not the biggest fan of the drum sound. It wasn’t a total deal breaker and I was able to look past it. Sean Martinez is a crucial member to the band playing bass, but it was barely audible. There were times where it pulled through and sounded fantastic. ‘Immaculate Order’ has some great bass features. Last, but certainly not least, Ian Bearer’s vocals were a fantastic touch to the rest of the band. They aren’t anything new or ground breaking, but they definitely pulverized on “Dingir”. Songs that I had kept listening to were ‘Objective To Harvest’, ‘Shards Of Scorched Flesh’, ‘Fruitless Existence’, and the instrumental track ‘Utopia’.


Overall, Rings Of Saturn definitely pulled through on “Dingir”. Every fan of the band should be more than happy with this release. If you are a fan of bands like The Faceless, Abiotic, and/or Fallujah, then Rings Of Saturn is an artist that should immediately be added to your media library. “Dingir” earns a solid rating of 8/10. If you aren’t screaming “Take Me To Your Leader!” after listening to this record…well…you should probably sleep in the cryogenic chamber a bit longer.


“Dingir” can be streamed for free via Total Deathcore HERE or through the YouTube link below. The album is slated for a release on February 5th, 2013 via Unique Leader Records. You can pre-order the physical copy and other various merch bundles HERE.


NOTE: A free download of “Dingir” in its entirety can be found at the Total Deathcore link above.

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