Thrown Into Exile – Self Titled EP

Metalcore has been making one hell of a comeback (well..maybe not so much for As I Lay Dying). Killswitch Engage’s latest record shattered all expectations I had about the group, even with Jesse back on vocal duties. Tear Out The Heart’s debut release featured a plethora of songs that I can be spinning all day without worrying about them sounding stale. Just recently, I received a submission from Thrown Into Exile, a metalcore group that is making huge waves in the metal community in the few short years that they have been together. Currently an unsigned band hailing from Los Angeles, Thrown Into Exile have accomplished a lot in a mere 2 years. They just released a self titled EP, won the “Road To Mayhem” contest last summer, and now will be TOURING on this year’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival alongside metal legends Mastodon, Children of Bodom, Behemoth, and more! At the rate the five piece ensemble is going, the future looks very bright for them.


Thrown Into Exile takes an “in your face” approach with the majority of their four track debut EP. Thrown Into Exile wastes no time with an intro to set up the first song entitled ‘Not Alone’, which also happens to be my favorite one off the release. The tune begins with an infectious guitar riff that leads into a merciful metal shriek. The remainder of the song captures the aggression and tone that was initially presented for the listener. Most of the song and EP draws influences from Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, and Devildriver.


The whole release, in fact, is very punishing from start to finish. One of the highlights is the meaty guitar solo near the end of ‘Never Ending Battle’. It is able to showcase the technicality that is available at Thrown Into Exile’s disposal. Chugging guitar riffs are a plenty! The drums do much homage to the sound that the band was trying to bring about. 544712_616856475010055_934578423_nRanging from thrash to traditional rock patterns, Chase incorporates his own personal style to blend a signature sound. Evan’s vocals are spot on for the genre of metal they produce. The high shrieks and mid growls are definitely praise worthy. The more “clean” vocal style was a bit hard for me to get into, even after countless play-throughs. Then again, you won’t be able to mistaken them for another band. The bass makes itself present when needed, but doesn’t shine as much as I was really hoping it would. The two tracks that stood out to me were ‘Not Alone’ and ‘Doppleganger’. Both of them felt much more powerful than the other two on the EP.


Thrown Into Exile is definitely a band that will be around for years to come. With the pace they are keeping, they are on track to joining the ranks of their influences in no time. Thrown Into Exile’s self titled EP is worth a listen if you are into more fresh metalcore sound. If this EP is a product of what happens when you are damned to exile, then sign me up.

Thrown Into Exile’s self titled EP scores a 7/10.


You can stream the full EP via Spotify or purchase the album via iTunes.



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